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Veterans: The mission is now complete. The road back home isn't meant to be heavy, nor should it be. Nonetheless, the next evolution has shown to be the hardest for many Veteran personnel. Affordable living conditions or education after service is sometimes not in their financial margin. With less choices, leaves less focus. Some of our defenders often serve and lose the focus needed to effectively structure life planning post-service. Compared to other burdens down the path, some may come across as seemingly minute and inadvertently creates issues down the line. Change needs to occur here to ensure that they and their loved ones feel fulfilled with their next action plan in civilian life. Without the right guidance from those who have shared the same experience, this significant step can come at a high price. 


The sole mission to Defend Guard Protect our country runs fiercely through a soldier's blood. Duty and service does not strike an end-time at the final tour of their service, for they are fully encompassed by these members of our society. Numerous of men and women who have served choose to continually deploy the necessary safety and security efforts for the very communities they settle into. The current challenge we face is the lack of guidance leading these servicemen and women into the pathways that ease their civilian reintegration. Government programs have fallen short in paving such pathways that effectively align and strengthen both their skills and experience into professional careers. In our mission to fill this gap, C6F will cover all the logistics guiding them through vocational training and career placement, aligning them into a beneficial direction.

The C6 Foundation was founded on the ethos to "Provide direction, not distraction" to returning U.S. military service members. It is rooted in community commitment and dedicated to deliver diverse transitional programs for members and their families in their return to the civilian sector.

First Responders: They go beyond the call of duty on our worst days. Those wearing the badge on scene handle the mission at hand for the sake of others. First Responders epitomize the tenacious and fueling passion it takes to crucially succeed in saving lives. These personnel continue to outperform on our very streets, yet they are facing cross-occupational barriers. For this reason, the C6 Foundation is eager to take down such barriers and place employment sourcing at the forefront. The search is finally over. C6F helps direct these personnel into alternate career avenues that they wish to be a part of. Additional assistance is available for both them and their families to swiftly transition during this critical time. 

Civilians: The goal is to assist as many individuals as possible in getting their lives back on track with the best sense of direction. This is why we have also opened up C6F to responsible civilians, who also demonstrate the desire to make their lives better through defending, guarding and protecting others. All of our defenders deserve as much of our efforts as possible. Join us in giving back today.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them."

- President John F. Kennedy -


training Sponsorship

Training demonstrates investment. C6F offers its members available comprehensive training programs and vocational models under the National Standard.


C6F provides direct financial assistance and ample resources for our defenders and their families. Spouses and other family members are guided through vocational opportunities, counseling and job placement assistance.


Despite other financial hurdles they may be facing, the best direction for C6F members will be given with as little cost as possible.